35 Years Later!

 I thought it would be fun to find out how we have changed over the years! I would like to post different surveys throughout this next year. Please post your answers here and email you if you have any suggestions for new questions.

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1)   How often do you get back to your roots?

  I still live there
  Once a month
  Every few months
  Once a year
  Haven't been back in quite a while
  I left and never looked back
2)   How many people have you kept in contact with before Facebook?

3)   How many people have you kept in contact with after Facebook?

  The same
  A few more
  Twice as many as before
  Too many to count
4)   Are you in the career that you planned to pursue 35 years ago?

Yes No
5)   Where to you currently reside?

6)   How long have you lived there?

  0-5 years
  6-10 years
  11-15 Years
  16-20 Years
  21-25 Years
  26-30 Years
  31-35 Years
7)   What is your greatest accomplishment?

8)   Any regrets?

9)   What is your most memorable experience from high school?